Visit our place

We are offering complete tours of our autonomous living space with technical explanations regarding our choices and our different setups.

During your visit, we can chat about:

  • Eco-construction, solar passive houses and good building design
  • Gardening with permaculture: no-dig beds, permanent mulch, gardening with weeds, etc.
  • Natural building: straw-clay, earthen floor, earth plasters, roundwood timber framing, concreteless foundations, turf roof
  • Off-grid photovoltaic and thermal panels
  • Fruit trees and fruit processing
  • Dry toilets, compost and organic waste upcycling
  • Gravity-fed solar shower
  • Basketmaking and wild crafting

Visits on demand. If you are interested in coming around, please get in touch via the contact form.

Pay what you want at the end of your visit.