Natural Building

We built our house ourselves using only natural and recycled material, and are committed to share those skills with other aspiring self-builders. We hosted volunteers during the whole building period, and are now well equipped to teach the techniques used in our house to people with varying skill levels and hands-on experience. Such techniques include:

  • Rubble trench foundations
  • Stone wall with lime mortar
  • Roundwood timber frame
  • Turf roof
  • Strawbale walls
  • Cob
  • Clay plaster
  • Earth floors

Natural building is an environmentally-friendly, healthy and affordable way of building. While construction is typically a highly professionalised sector, it holds revolutionary potential for making ‘building one’s home’ an accessible project for a lay person. If you are looking to skill yourself up or want to discuss your house project with us, go to the “contact’ page or email directly at